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Tuesday, August 31, 2010 |
i love my aunt trish and you should too!
(this is a photo of trish and her husband ed...who is only 3 yrs older than me!)
trish is one of those people that when she walks into a room, everyone notices her. i never had that quality. but we were both single for awhile in the 90s and it was annoying to have boys look at her (she is 12 years older than me) before they even notice me!
oh, back to why i love her...
trish works in a title 1 school in philadelphia. not because the pay is so fantastic, but because she wants to make a difference in these kids lives. and she does all the time.
her 'prize closet' at school has socks, shirts, soap and peanut butter. she used to stock it with candy and toys but the kids didn't want that stuff.
they NEEDED clothing. and not just for them, but their little brothers and sisters.
at christmas time, she gets all of her friends and their businesses to donate clothes for not just her students, but their brothers and sisters too!
last year, after the holidays and the kids came back to school, some of them were wearing their pjs that were given to them as clothes. these kids never had pjs and just didn't know what to do with them.
right now i am working on making each kid (oh-i forgot to tell you...she has 30 (THIRTY!) 1st graders and 12 are 'unspecified special ed'.) a pencil case for halloween. i have some pencils, toothbrushes and some things left over from last halloween.
now im out of money and i need your help.
if anyone (local of course) has some zippers in your sewing stash, and wouldn't mind donating them, i would love them! i got most of my fabric at thrift store really really cheap, so im good there.
but zippers cost alot.
and i really don't care what color they are.
or if you have something that you can donate to some children who need a hand-up, please let me know. small things (that wont cost a ton to ship) like glue sticks, erasers...things like that would be awesome.
so if you have one sitting around you wouldn't mind giving to a wonderful cause, please let me know!
i will even come pick them up!

thanks friends for letting me beg. i will get back to crafting now.


Sarah@AlpinePoppy said...

I think that i am local to you... I live in salt lake, anyway I would love to contribute to such a fun project. Is it zippers you need most? And how many more do you need? Let me know...

Chris said...

Such a fabulous thing to do...I wish I was local! Good luck with rounding up goodies.

JaNae said...

Good for you! And good luck!

Dee said...

I'm not a local, but I would love to ship some goodies to you and or your angel friend! email me and let me know where to ship!!

junk in my trunk at Q dot com

katskraps4kids said...

I once met a lady at a scrapbooking crop who works at soem kind of factory where she gets oodles of zippers all the time for free...I am gonna try to call the store owner and see if she knows who i'm talking about so maybe I can get you some. I'll try to let you know within the next few days either way.

Great thing you're doing and your aunt too! =)

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