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Wednesday, August 25, 2010 |
my boys and i hit the thrift store one last time before school started.
and parker is getting quite good and finding things.
have you ever played rummikub? my in-laws introduced parker to it a few weeks back. when he found this complete set (we counted all the tiles-all 106 are there!) for $3 in a leather/faux leather case, we couldnt pass it up!
he is unfortunately getting quite good at it...
(i will admit, i thought it was a backgammon set and didnt even open it. parker is becoming a good thrifter!)
this is going to be for one of the beautiful young women in my neighborhood for their birthday. and for 25 cents, it is so worth it! it is wood with a giant magnet on the back.
you know my love of all things target, so imagine when i found these lemons and limes (not balls-DARN!) for a whole 75 cents! i think it was mismarked, but too bad!
and these are going to a certain friend for christmas. i plan to fill them with home made peanut brittle.
oh, and the price of the jars and carrier?
a very expensive...$5.
seriously, how could someone part with these?
(when i found them i didnt want to put them down while i got a cart. so i carried them to the front of the store and hurt my back! they were that heavy! i could barely walk the rest of the day. that is true love for a friend!)



Sharon said...

Okay, I have serious Jar envy!! What a find!I was getting ready to do a "jars" post( cuz I think I love them right up there with balls-lol)and all the pics i took are stuck on a camera card that won't give them up! :( You could do a jars party?!?!?!? I'll retake my pics and come! :-)

ChRiS said...

oh my lord..........i can tell you the price on the candy carrier but i would have to **** ya let me just say you got some bargin!!!

Trish said...

I LOVE Rummikub! My grandparents introduced it to me when I was about 12 years old. Love that game.
The glass jars are amazing! Great find!
I need to find out where you thrift. I looked up thrift stores and the closest one I could find isn't very close. If you share your secrets I promise not to go before you. ;)

scrappin'soccermama said...

great finds!

Summer Miller said...

Those are amazing finds. I am really impressed. My favorite of course are the jars.

Staci said...

I love your finds!

I thrift shopped at DI in Burley ID this past weekend - and then made the mistake of telling my mom that I was looking for something I'm planning on using in Christmas gifts this year (it's just pillowcases - jeesh!). Put her non-thrifty heart into near arythmia.

My boys start school tomorrow, and I'm planning on heading to DI/Savers as soon as they are on the bus. Probably won't sleep tonight I'm so stinking excited!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I get it, I would have broken my back for those great jars too! They are great and the carrier is wonderful!!


Jaime @ Our Journey said...

Add me to the list of folks with "jar envy" ... what a great find!

Oh! Rummikub! This game holds a special place in my heart!! My grandfather taught me how to play this game 26 years ago! We played until he passed away 2 years ago. It was such a special part of our relationship that we tucked one of the jokers in his suit pocket at his funeral and told him to hold onto it until we get to play together again in heaven. :o)

Debbie said...

if you ever want to find a new home for the candy carrier...ummmm you know where to find me:) how cute! I love that your boys will go with little one actually like to go, my 13 year old not so much. Thanks for joining in, so nice to see you. Debbie

Lori said...

Love rummy cube. Our family plays it a lot. Great deals, thanks for the comment.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Lovin' your jars, would love them even more filled with peanut brittle:@)

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Omg, I love the jars and carrier. That was such a great deal. I would have hung onto them too!

Audra said...

I have some serious love for those jars...ok, I admit that I am a tad bit green with envy. Such a fantastic gift and your friend will thank you for your sore back and thoughtfulness!

Brandy said...

Okay I have a serious case of jealousy over those jars!!!!

Rebecca said...

The jars and the caddy are a great find-so many things you could put in those!

Dee said...

I love a good "run to the cart!" moment in the thrift store.

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