so many problems...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010 |
so little energy.
so here is the thing, each of my boys has one laundry bucket full of toys in the toy/computer/someday will be my formal dining room room. it is really the first room you see when walking into my home, so i try to keep it clean. but we also live in this home, so i dont think it has to be perfect.
but it does need to be clean when i start having anexiety. which, sadly for my kids, is often.
the other day i ran to target and saw these...
they are big plastic/rubbery buckets. and they were 75% off-making them $1.48! i hate when target does things at 75% or heaven forbid, 90% off because then i feel like i HAVE to buy it.
but these will come in handy.
for this...
even though the boys are only allowed one bucket for toys, i am allowing them legos in a seperate bucket.
im just a great mom like that.
i bought 2 and for $3 total, all the legos are in buckets without other toys.


Sharon said...

I collect containers! I have containers for my containers!!! lol Those kind of slaes drive me crazy too...I mean aat 75% off you DO have to buy it, otherwise it would surely be a loss, right? And if it's in a cool container, the mess at least looks good!
Happy organizing!

Aunt Peg said...

I LOVE TARGET CLEARANCE! I'm not sure you can go wrong...I have tons of Christmas crap (ummmm decor), because it was on the clearance isle!
But great find oh thrifty one!

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