i love cupcakes!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 |
well, not really.
i used to work there years ago (awesome 40% off discount!).
and they show me love when they send me coupons for free stuff.
so today i went to get my free travel size of whatever.
and walked out with these...
little hand sanitizers that smell like cupcakes! yummy!
they were 5 for $5, plus i had a 20% off coupon, so really 80 cents each.
then i told the cashier my plans for these little things. she totally hooked me up!
she gave me 5 little gift bags with ribbon and tags, but i only ended up using the bags.
i put glitter and little die cut butterflies in the bags with a candle.
get it-a cupcake and a candle for your birthday!
isn't that adorable!
(yes, some of the glitter says 'over the hill'. got a problem with that?)

makes you wish it was your birthday doesn't it?
oh, only 191 days until mine!


tinahead81 said...

love it!! also love sales/coupons!! lol i'm dying to give these a sniff!

Aunt Peg said...

What an excellent idea!I'm jealous of your hook-up deal too. Love it!

Summer Miller said...

That is such a cute gift. You're the most generous person out there.

The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Too cute! I love their stock up sales.

Erin said...

How cool! My daughter would flip for these. And what a great price!

Sharon said...

BA, you truly are the "giftiest" person, I know! Too bad I'm not one of your kids teachers....:)
I can't wait to get a sniff of these!

Coley said...

What a great idea!

JaNae said...

Great updates on your recent projects (in the middle of a couple myself so behind on blogs). Way to keep scoring the deals. Hope all 4 of you enjoy Halloween, Christmas countdown, etc.

Jane @ Going Jane said...

Super cute! I love it! :)

Kim said...

what a great idea!! I haven't been in there in ages b/c I have no self-discipline once I enter their door. :)

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