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Tuesday, October 5, 2010 |
my friend summer always find great deals on food.
one time she called to see if i needed any bananas because she got a butt-load for 20 cents a pound!
another days she asks if i want any tomatoes. her deal?  how does $1.00 for a case sound?
so when she came across some free peaches i jumped!
growing up, my family canned tomatoes for gravy. we also made jelly, and wine from grapes. a lot of wine. but-hey-that is was italians do! especially immigrant ones!
so how do i can peaches? that just wasn't something i was familiar with. so i used my best friend google and found out that you can freeze peaches!
i'm certain most of you knew that, but i learn something new each day!
i used the directions found on this website but here are some photos from my day of being the happy hippy homemaker!
millions of peaches, peaches for me
millions of peaches, peaches for free
a nice cold ice bath!
yes, someone needs to clean out her freezer!


Trish said...

I was lucky enough to receive some of those peaches from Summer too!
I made jam and chutney with mine. Mmmmm..... SOOO good!
Oh! And you don't have to be Italian to bottle wine ya know. Just sayin' ;)

Summer Miller said...

It's funny because I rarely find great deals but when I do you seem to benefit :) Glad you used them all.

Barb said...

Good for you! I have never frozen peaches before. Sounds easier than canning! Hope you are doing well! Miss you at Jazz.

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