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Monday, October 11, 2010 |
back in may, i made my friend, gram, some cute cards for mothers day.
they were so easy and just useful, i thought i'd make some for nate's teacher this year.
**you see, i have this 'thing' about giving teachers more candy. really, what adult needs more candy?**
nate says, 'my other teachers liked us, but ms. ames LOVES us!'. how could you not just adore a teacher like that?
i started with this fabric, it is a little grandma-y, but ms. ames is a grandma. she will like it.
then, i just did what i did before with the the underwonder and the sewing machine.
i even used a really really fancy stitch!

and here is the finished project! i got the envelopes at savers for 75 cents for the pack. so way thrifty too!

and before you think 'thrifty ba-you are just so on the ball with getting your teacher halloween gift done!', let me say that my kids go on break thursday and won't be back until the 2nd week in november. so i HAD to get it done now.
but you can still think i'm on the ball. i won't complain.

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Tony and Kimra said...

It's so pretty! It looks great


Sharon said...

Your kids teachers must love you! You are the always making the most creative teacher gifts! i'm lucky to get something done for Christmas!

Kim said...

Very beautiful. What a thoughtful gift. The fabric is pretty, too. (Even if it is grandma-y)

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