scarey halloween costumes of years past!

Monday, October 4, 2010 |
this is chris and i from 2008. it was a shrek themed halloween party. im sleeping beauty and he is the wizard from shrek 3. (yes, there are shorts under the robe!)
here is me, jeffery, my brother patrick and dayna (she was my neighbor, jeffery is her cousin).
we were in pittsburgh at the time, hence the steelers jacket over the magicians costume.
and the snowcoats on under everything else!
chris as bill clinton halloween 1997. my sister in law borrowed the mask to wear and her now hubby dressed up in a blue dress (monica). very disturbing.

but one of the most disturbing...halloween 2007.
that is parker, mitch, kameron, sawyer and nate.
im CERTAIN that mitch would love to know that this photo still exists and will be brought back to haunt him.

ps-still struggling with strep here. im on my second medication and although i can swallow, im sleeping alot. sorry if i dont email you back!
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Chris said...

Get well, get well soon, we hope you do get well. :) Strep is no fun.

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