once a princess, always a princess!

Friday, October 15, 2010 |
for the past few years i have been a princess at halloween. one year i was sleeping beauty (with a big long black wig...goo!), last year i was peincess leia so this year i'm...

an indian princess!
not really pocahontas, as i dont show that much boob. or belly.
and this is a way way simple costume. you will need 2 tshirts (whatever size fits. i used a large) and some beads. i bet you can use the colorful plastic ones,  but i used wood ones that i spray painted.
(and this was the ONLY photo out of 40 that i could use of my kids in the shirts)

i sewed the shirts together at the bottom, right sides together, then cut one off right at the arm pits of the shirt.

i strung the wood beads onto a string as a necklace.
pretty much that is all.
i re cut the bottom on an angle to be a bit more cooler. and i cut some fringe on the arms.
with what was left of the cut shirt, i made a little belt and strung some beads on it.
so watch out john smith-there is a new pocahontas in town!


Summer Miller said...

next time you do something like this I need to come watch you. I'm impressed.

Hanna said...

Hi there! I am your newest follower!! I found you on the weekend linky! I love finding new blogs and your is lovely:) You can find me at www.bouffeebambini.blogspot.com

Dee said...

Cutest Indian Princess Ever!

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