halloween decorations-finally

Thursday, October 28, 2010 |
i know! i should have done this way way earlier in the month!
but between strep,and an early halloween party at school and getting ready for disneyland, going to disneyland, getting strep AGAIN...
let us start with this...50 cents at the d.i.! i left it on '31' all month because
1. im lazy and
2. that is what i was decorating for and i liked it.

the little coffins on the right the boys decorated.
one is glow in the dark but it doesn't really show up on the photo well.
those are my scary halloween balls on the bowl type thing on the left.
and candy corn in the cups for the hubby.
(i have refilled those cups about 10 times!)
oh and the cup holder thing?
thanks to d.i., i only paid $3!


Anonymous said...

So sorry you have been sick! I hope it didn't ruin your Disney trip. I love the idea of leaving the countdown on 31!

JaNae said...

Hopefully you are feeling better and about finished with the sickiness. Good thing you've had time to decorate for Halloween...

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