oooppps! i need a halloween costume!

Friday, October 29, 2010 |
well here i am to the rescue!
if you are lucky, your child won't want to wear an ugly, bought over the internet costume...
i hate this costume.
but i love parker so i made him happy and ordered it.
nate wanted to be a ninja and i got to make his costume.
and if you are short on time-you can be a ninja too!
lets work from the bottom up.
i got a pair of sneaker that i was ready to throw away anyhow, and just put a pair of men's socks over them to be ninja boots. i get the socks from the $1 store and by the end of trick or treating, they are trashed! so i chuck the shoes and the socks away.
next are your basic sweatpants. in this case, i happened to have a pair of black long underwear for nate.
black long sleeved shirt and a piece of black fabric or scarf for a belt.
$3 ninja sword from savers.
now for the hat/heard piece...
you need a long sleeved black shirt.

don't put your head the whole way thru, just have your face looking out.

tie the arms of the shirt around the back of the head and move the head hole around until you have covered most of your face.
so easy!
now get out there and get some candy!


Sarah@AlpinePoppy said...

Your november is like my October, and yes I am always broke at the end, so a cheap craft is perfect! Plus I have some burlap that I have been thinking about finishing into a table runner, but I love the idea of an island runner, aren't you so clever?! Thanks for the post, I am thankful for you ;)

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