happiness comes in 3s!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010 |
i have 3 friends who work out me with most mornings.
well, actually, i have more than 3 friends who jazzercise with me most mornings, but there are 4 of us who are class managers.
nice title, it just means you get to come early and turn on the heater at 5am.
but when i was out for about 2 months with back issues this fall, i realized how much i loved them
(always knew that) and that i missed seeing them daily.
something about 'girlfriends'...

then one day while at deseret industries i found 3 of these!
each says 'hope, faith, love', and all in the same colors, just different order.
a great all year 'round decoration.
and they were a sweet price for some sweet friends.
and you know they are true friends...they have seen me with my makeup off and still love me!


Jane @ Going Jane said...

I love those! Great find!

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