hey josh-at least the bucket wasn't full of coal!

Monday, December 20, 2010 |
now this gift i was wrapping but not actually giving. i have a dear friend (holly) that i wrap all of her christmas gifts as a gift to her. she doesn't have the time and i love wrapping, so it works out well!

her 14 year old son wanted cash for christmas. that is all. just cash.

cash isn't fun to wrap.
after thinking about it, i got a fresh $100 bill from the bank (after holly had given me 5, $20 bills. i don't actually PAY for her christmas!) and stuck it in a metal bucket about half way full of water. i rolled the money up and clipped the top (that was not in the water) with a paper clip. after it was frozen solid, i removed the paper clip and filled it up the rest of the way.
then, we made hints all over the house on where he could find his gift. (which was on the back porch so it wouldnt thaw!).

i think holly and i had more fun with this one than he did!

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Barb said...

That is thinking outside the box!(so to speak)

JaNae said...

That's one gift he'll probably never forget receiving. I'm guessing all the clues are wrapped up and placed under the tree??? Well the first one sending him on his hunt anyway...

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