the upside to being sick...

Thursday, December 16, 2010 |
i have been suffering with sinus problems for the past 2 weeks. not the best way to spend december,
but it is better than having strep.
well, until the sinus problems turn into strep.
but there is an upside to this!
my ent dr wrote me a prescription for meds at my last visit because he KNEW i would end up all strep-y again.
today i filled it, and had a coupon for a $10 store gift card from target with a new rx.
so while i was waiting for my drugs, i found these...
and since they were only $9.98 they were practically free!
so thank you strep throat-i got some new shoes!


Kim said...

whata great perk to being sick! congrats, they are adorable!

Amanda said...

Way to look at the positives! :)


JaNae said...

I've helped move your you really need more cute ones. ;) But then again, if it makes you feel better, why not?!

Dee said...

I love it when strep and new shoes go together!!

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