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Wednesday, December 8, 2010 |
so i got this sweet scarf-y type thing at kohls for $2. i wear it as much as possible (when i'm not rocking my cowgirls hat to blend in with the locals!) it is rayon and tie dyed and my niece britney thought it was awesome.
we have a family friend, dede, that i got this sweet gift for a few months ago.
but her christmas gift needed something to go with it.
so i decided to make my funky friend a scarf thing-y like mine!
i totally scored with a tie dye shirt from walmart for $1! I KNOW!
i originally was looking for tie dye fabric without any luck. but this boys xl shirt is gonna work just as well!
i folded it in half long ways and cut it, then cut strips that were about 6" wide.
then i stitched the strips together into a continuous circle.

and here is dede's! hers is a little brighter than mine, and cotton rather than rayon. but it turned out really well! and for $1!
oh only 47 days left!


scrappin'soccermama said...

love it!

Adventures in Dressmaking said...

Cool! I thought about doing a t-shirt infinity scarf but then did the sweater one I posted yesterday. You're right, great minds think alike!

Summer Miller said...

super cute. I was going to crochet one but then I got sick of yarn!

brittanydaw said...

I love your new blog layout. And you know that I LOOOOOOVE Jazzercise too! I just wish I was brave enough to go with you at 5:30!

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