what are those balls for?

Friday, December 17, 2010 |
when i went to the down town salt lake deseret industries, i found these balls...

and the guy behind me asked me what i was buying those balls for.
(i didn't question the broken crap in his hand, but whatever)
i guess this man never reads my blog.
they were each 50 cents, so quite a deal!
and what did i do with the small one (and some other balls and bells and ornaments?)
top view...
isn't that HUGE bell cool?
i swear as soon as i figure out something to do with the big ones, i will post!


Chris said...

Score for B.A.! Hope you're feeling better.

Sharon said...

I love a good buy on balls too! Right now, I'm working ( yes, still trying ot finish decorating) on some Christmas balls. I'll let you know when they are done, please come by for a look.
So, your family has been sick too?

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