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Tuesday, December 21, 2010 |
when i was little, my mom hid our christmas stuff in a black garbage in the storage room.
right next to the box with gloves and scarfs.
seriously, how could you NOT look!?
i think i am MUCH better at hiding gifts. and since i buy them all year long, i have to make sure they aren't found when we are looking for easter eggs.
i hide them in my craft room most of the year. the kids call it the 'crap' room, and as you can imagine, they don't go in there much.
but as christmas and birthdays get closer, i move stuff around. and now they are all in my closet.
no, not just sitting out on top of all my discarded clothing and shoes.

this is chris's side of the closet. a mess of jeans, shirts and whatever.
but carefully hidden behind that university of utah sweatshirt is...

a mess.
i don't which is worse...his hanging clothes or this pile of crap.
but, the kids haven't found it yet!
so let me know where you hides your stuff.
it isn't like your kids read this blog, so come on! share your secret!


Sharon said...

Hi BA! Since my shopping usually ends up beig last minute, I don't have to worry too much about hiding, but since my bedroom/craft room is usually such a mess, I don't think they would know which pile to look in anyway! lol
Merry Christmas!
PS I'm going to check out your "balls" post...:-)

Trish said...

When we first moved in, I thought I'd hide them in the attic accesses. We have two. But then I didn't buy a single present till about 2 weeks ago so I've just been piling them at the top of our closet. It's too high for them to even notice, let alone reach.
I'm gonna be better next year though. I've actually been thinking about you lately with all your little gifts for everyone on the planet all year long. I aspire to be more BA in the coming year.

Staci said...

Mine gets locked in my cedar chest and then the only thing I have to hide is the key and the stuff that doesn't fit in the cedar chest (which isn't a lot this year)...

My boys made the mistake of telling me that there isn't anything in my office closet or in the hallway closet (which is where things have been "hidden" other years)... Up until yesterday I honestly didn't think they were snoopers.

Kim Hamilton said...

Same place as yours is and in the same state until tomorrow when it will all be wrapped! Great minds think alike!

JaNae said...

Don't really have to worry about snoopers in my house, the joy of being an emptynester (and a husband who doesn't hunt for gifts). But when I grew up a few gifts were stored at the neighbors through the years. They even stored some of theirs at our house. Makes it really tough to find when they aren't even in your house.

Nicole said...

I hide mine in rubbermaid containers in the basement with all my other containers. I don't label the box and put it in between other boxes so it isn't easy to get to.

Jane @ Going Jane said...

I knew we were kindred spirits! I hide mine the same place you the closet tucked carefully behind the hubby's clothes! :)

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