finding santa's stash

Friday, November 26, 2010 |
my best friend growing up was nicole garratiano.
we did just about everything together.
played with our cabbage patch kids.
played with barbies while watching the golden girls on tv.
and we got matching bathing suits (by accident) one year.
in 1981, all the rage was olivia newton-johns 'let's get physical' album. (on a side note, utah banned the song.) now, although i love olivia, that song just hasn't held up as well as some others. i mean, have you listened to it lately? it is really bad.
that was the year i found where my mom hid christmas stuff and i found the huge vinyal record in a black plastic bag.
i was so excited-i had to show nicole because this was at the TOP of my christmas list!
she actually told her mom and her mom told my mom and i got in a little trouble.
every year after that i would go down and look and see what i was getting but on christmas morning, it wasn't exciting because i knew.
now, even though it KILLS me, i don't peak.
do you?


Amanda said...

hehe I used to go and very carefully unwrap my gifts by peeling the tape -- and then I'd just kind of re-wrap it {putting tape over the already exsisting tape if necessary} And then I'd see what my brothers were getting. Yes. I'm THAT nosy, uh concerned.

ModernMom said...

That picture is priceless! Love it!
I peeked one year and swore I would never do it again. Kills the magic:)

Ally said...

is that a pound puppy on your shoulder?? You look hot!

JaNae said...

I peeked one year and told my sister. She was so mad since the gift I found was her gift to me! On Christmas moring I was sent on a scavenger hunt to find my gift from her. I still have the gift to remind me to be good. Sadly, I don't have her very creative notes, I was too upset at being sent from basement to rafters for my gift. I've learned my lesson and don't peek any more but I do get very curious.

Sandi said...

I've never been a peeker. Rather have the surprise. When I was a kid, we had a tradition of opening one gift each on Christmas Eve to take off the edge. Sometimes we would also open one up the day before Christmas Eve!

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