my poor husband!

Monday, November 8, 2010 |
it was was the very tolerant chris's birthday sunday.
can  you guess how old he turned?
being thrifty like i am, we used some election signs that were still up (i had parker jump out of the car, snatch them and throw them in the trunk. he loved it!) and just stapled paper to them.
and for his birthday he got the new jon stewart book, earth, but mostly because i wanted to read it.
(yup, that is how it works here).
then we gave him this simpsons christmas tie.
(he is NOT going to like me for posting this photo!)
also being thrifty, i got it from d.i. for $2!
it was in perfect condition, and wasn't even all wrinkled where the knot should be!
of course, chris won't wear it until thankgiving is over.
kill joy.
but he is also getting a ski pass, which will not be thrifty. but hey-i love the guy and he puts up with ALOT!

oh, and by the way, i have strep for the FOURTH time since september.
i have been to an ent dr and it turns out i have reflux that comes up pretty high in my throat. the damage from that is allowing (we think. we hope.) the strep to get into my system. we are treating the reflux and will see what happens.
so if i post something weird (i announced on fb that captian kangaroo died), please forgive me and blame the strep. and i plan on using that excuse as long as possible.

5 comments: said...

Looks like fun! So sorry you are sick, but I would definitely milk it for as long as I could! Especially strep - which is miserable!

Helena said...

Hahaha, I bet he LOVES this post. And those signs. Your boys look like they were really excited about those!

JaNae said...

Happy b-day to C! Love the excitement the boys are having with dad's signs...

Sandi said...

I'm sure deep down he loved all the attention! And I'm anxious to hear your review of the Jon Stewart book - I plan to put it on my Christmas list

Jane @ Going Jane said...

Bet he Loved it! :)

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