oh yea, i had a giveaway winner that i needed to announce...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 |
first, i need to apologize. actually, summer should. she dragged me all over the salt lake valley yesterday. we hit savers, orsen giggy and some chinese store that had dead birds hanging up in it.
i must love her.
and we had some drama. we were looking at ugly sweaters for one of summers daughters because of an 'ugly sweater dance' coming up. here is what we found...
it doesn't look bad until you realize that the little deer is sniffing the big deers butt.
really-would you want your teen girl wearing that?
then there was the sweater that summer picked out.
and please remember that this wasn't for a ugly sweater dance, this is because she LOVED it!
if you don't know summer, she isn't as old as this sweater suggests!
she CLAIMS that she will make this into a pillow.
i think she will wear this around town with a big sign that says 'ba loves my sweater!' just to annoy me.

and that, my friends, is why i didn't post the winner yesterday.

so the winner was picked by my almost 10 year old parker (because nate wanted to play star wars on the xbox instead of helping).

so congratulations trish!
she said...
I'm thankful for my taste buds. They bring me great joy.

i actually know trish and will be dropping this by (hopefully) today so you can get as much use out of it as you can this holiday season!


Summer Miller said...

First of "hooray Trish"...second, I think you're remembering the story a bit differently than I do...perhaps its from all the bread you ate! I seem to remember YOU loving the reindeer sweater...and YOU pointing out the sniffing ;0 My favorite moment was when you said, "I will still stand next to you if you wear it".

Trish said...

Oh WOW!!! I don't win stuff! Awesome!

And now I am humming to myself...
Rudolph the butt sniffing reindeer,
Had a very stinky nose.
And if you ever saw it
You would even think it's gross.

Thanks BA!

Summer Miller said...

It would have been just too perfect for me to have won a reindeer necklace. I trust that Trish will do the right thing :)

Trish said...

Oh I certainly will!
I will wait to begin wearing it until next Friday. :)

Susanne said...

Ugly sweater dance, what a fun idea, will there be pictures?

Thanks for stopping by my blog,

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