i didnt forget!

Friday, November 5, 2010 |
i didn't forget about my project for my aunt and her school kids.
i was just waiting for her to get them!
here are some of the 30 pencil bags i made with the help of some very special friends!
here is what used to be my kitchen table while i bagged all of the loot donated.
(i was looking for the phone!)
this the final project! well, some of them.
and here are the kids!
this is a dora bandaide that was donated. the kids love them!
thank you EVERYONE who helped out1


Helena said...

Oh hey by the way I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG LOOK! Hot damn! (except, let's pretend I said darn, ok?)

Those are some awesome pencil bags. I bet your Aunt (and the kids) are loving them.


(PS. When can I borrow your zebra shoes?)

JaNae said...

I'm sure the kiddos loved their bags and all the goodies that went with them. Way to go!

Dee said...

Love their little faces! Thanks for putting this together!! It made my day/week!

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