why i love parker getting new shoes...

Thursday, November 4, 2010 |
parker needed new church shoes.
this sounds like an easy task, but it isn't. he is very particular about what kids and color
 (slip ons in brown. and he is now a size 4).
but he has NO PROBLEM not matching his clothes.
but we found some shoes, at only the 4th store (payless), without too much pain.
and being that payless is ALWAYS having a buy one get one half off, i just strolled down the womens size 8 aisle.
and found these!

and they were marked down to $9, making them exactly $4.50!
how could i not have them!
so many outfits to wear them with.
so little time...


Jocelyn said...

Love those!!! You had to get them for sure:-)

Helena said...

Whoa, that's awesome! Can I borrow them sometime?

JaNae said...

Good thing his momma loves to shop and loves to shop for shoes! Great deal on some very cute shoes.

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