i'm all christmas-ed out over here!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010 |
a few years ago, chris made this tv nook into shelves. isn't he useful?!
i should have taken a before photo but oh well. it is all christmas-ed out now and i want to highlight a few things.
this right here is one of my 10+ manger scenes in our home. but this is my favorite. the kids and i made it one year when chris was on a business trip to sacramento. everything has a toilet paper base and things stuck to it. the brown one on its side isn't a piece of poo, it is parkers attempt at a donkey. and nate had this 'thing' about making baby jesus with a golden diaper (if you have seen the movie 'tallidegia nights, you will remember the baby jesus that will ferrell liked to pray to). i don't think there will be a year that i don't display it.
in the middle of the photo below, you can see my plates for santa.
(nate still believes, i don't think parker does)
in the upper left corner is a jar i got here and filled it with some candy canes.
and on the middle shelf on the right side is the ball from here.
and on the same shelf on the left side is one of my kick-butt stars from here!
so i didn't actually buy anything, but it looks amazing!

if you want to share your christmas-ed out home, be sure to leave a link in your comments!


JaNae said...

You've been busy. Feels good to have it done, doesn't it?

scrappin'soccermama said...

I love your shelves!

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