go broncos!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010 |
parker's 10th birthday was yesterday.
how did he get so old?
(yes, chris did have hair at one point!)
when we went to disneyland this year, i got him one of those neck things so he could sleep in the car.

it was only $3 at walgreens but it had a boring cover on it.
but it worked and i used it the ENTIRE way home while sick with strep.
since parker got a bike for his birthday, we couldn't really afford to buy him much more. but i didn't want him to only get a bike. i don't know why.
so i got the cover off of the neck pillow and used it as a pattern.

(what, you don't craft on a table that has star wars action figures on it too?)
i only got a quarter yard of fleece broncos fabric, which turns out to be not enough width wise but i made it work. this side is the one that has an opening so you can slide the pillow in and out.

and for the solid side i just used 2 halves.
and yes, i did sew this together wrong and had to seam rip and re-sew.
im brilliant.

the end result!
not too shabby! and parker didn't even get upset by the fact that he ONLY got a new bike!



Sandi said...

I love the hospital photo. We were all so innocent when that first baby came. No idea what was in store - both the good and bad. I love being a mother!

Aunt Peg said...

Just looking at the adorable picture of you and Chris in the hospital with a new baby makes me feel tired. I love my kids but I am so glad those days are behind me...way behind me.
Fun post BA!

Lisa said...

$3 at Walgreens? I need to stop and get one! And great idea to cover it too! Very cute!

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