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Tuesday, December 7, 2010 |
i send alot of gifts to family out of state.
there are problems with this.
1. i cant put nice pretty bows because they get squished.
2. the paper always ends up ripping.
3. i cant use extra boxes to wrap shirts because it cost more.

this year i solved my biggest christmas problem!(well, except for the 'no unlimited funds' issue)

i made fabric bags.
and anyone with a sewing machine can do this-even if you didn't have mrs lane as your home ec teacher for 3 years!

here i am wrapping an iron man watch for one of my nephews in valley forge. seriously,just make sure you have enough fabric to go all the way around and sew.
i did zig-zag all the raw edges to give it a more finished look.

this is for a shirt for my niece jackie. i cut about 6-8" of fabric (width) then i wrapped it around the shirt liked this...

to see how far the end pieces needed to come up to wrap around.

now isn't this a better looking package to get?
and since they are fabric, you can reuse them year after year!


Theresa said...

Great idea! So festive and creative!

The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Great idea. This is always a challenge.

Staci said...

Yah - but is it going to have that same euphoric affect as tearing into that paper? What would we do with all the extra time we'd have on Christmas morning if there were no paper to pick up?

JaNae said...

Now what hasn't that been thought of before???? I've had mailable bow lessons in the past but no one suggested fabric bags. Good grief.

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