poor crazy aunt trish...

Monday, December 13, 2010 |
my aunt trish is having bunion surgery today.

(this is her and her friend dianna. the 3 of us used to go to bars alot when we were younger.)
it turns out that both of her parents (my nana and pop pop) and my mom had bunions removed.
and after some 'webmd.com-ing', i found that it is genetic.
thankfully, my feet look great and i'm thinking i got my father's feet.
but sad for trish. she is amazing and kind and so very generous to me and my family.
i wanted to send her something, but since i already sent her christmas gift (something really really cute from aunt pegs!), and im running low on funds so close to christmas, i had to get creative.
i asked the family.
chris suggested a bag of funions because they rhyme with bunions
parker wanted to get a book on paul bunion
(also vetoed)
so it was all up to me and kohls. i had a coupon for 15% off so i ran down the street and found some fluffy soft socks.

and i decorated a cardboard tag.
i know a simple gift. but it is the thought that counts-right?
and parker did make a little card for her that featured paul bunion.
he gets his strangeness from his father's side...


blueviolet said...

My sister had bunion surgery and hers grew back! I think it's because she's not careful about her shoes.

I love the squishy socks you found!

Helena said...

That's a sweet present. And I love all the bunion jokes...

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