how my brother corrupted his niece

Friday, September 24, 2010 |
my brother patrick doesnt have children, but he does his best to mess with the minds of his nieces and nephews.
case in point...

a princess stormtrooper. (helen)
since star wars episode 3 (swe3) is her favorite, 'bapple', as she calls him, he made her a birthday cake NEVER to be forgotten!

bapple and helen.
need a closer look at the cake?
yes, that is anikan skywalker falling into the lava on mustafar. (i had to google the name of the planet. im a pro on the original sw movies, not so much on the newer ones.)


Colette said...

My daughter is a Star Wars JUNKIE (but still likes being girly too). She'd love a cake like this!

Colette said...

PS... I'm visiting from It's So Cheri! :)

Gale said...

Hi! I found you over at It's so Very Cheri! Had to check out the Star Wars post as my boys are little star wars fanatics (even my 2 year old can hum the Star Wars theme and goes around with a bubble sword light saber making lightsaber noises as he swishes it through the air).

Here's the cake I did for the oldest's last party. If you need to make a cake for your brother, this one might work...

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