my 'little' brothers

Tuesday, September 14, 2010 |
my 'little' brothers have an obsession with the steelers.
kinda like my thing with balls.
i came across this at joanns and got a quarter yard knowing exactly what 2 people are getting for part of their christmas gift!
then i was at ross and found some hand towels ($1 each).
the 'maters aren't staying.
remember way back when when i made a cool packers towel?
well, pretty much the same thing here. although this fabric was a little harder to work with.
ta da!

oh, and here is a photo of my 'little' brothers....
aaron in green is only 6' tall (and 30) pat is 6'7" (and only 37).
im the oldest and the shortest.
but the cutest.
and the favorite sister.
but still short.


Dee said...

Aaaahhh the Steelers towel, better to rat tail you with! (I have two boys of my own)

Summer Miller said...

What a good picture of your brothers. I like the towel. you're so good at coming up with stuff.

The Answer Is Chocolate said...

You're a good big sis. Great idea!

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