me finishing coming out of the closet!

Monday, September 6, 2010 |
we last left me alone (with the kids) with some power tools and spray paint and chris out of town.
i primed a painted this shelf

(because the one in the last post that i marked as not painting wasnt measured before i left the thrift store and was too big!)
i know...dumb dumb dumb!
this replacement one only cost $1.99 so score for me!
after priming my shelf and a pair of mug holders (99 cents each!), they got a nice spray of yellow.
then i got out my power tools and put holes in my closet wall.
i had to go thru sheetrock and into the studs so i wanted to make sure things wouldnt be falling down.
and it turned out pretty sweet!
(and no trips to the er!)
this is the bottom. the boxes are filled with tights, belts and hair scarfs.
the monkees lunchbox isnt filled with useful stuff. i just love it.
top shelf!
i have my bracelets out so that i will wear different ones, instead of grabbing my 'usuals'.
yes, i do have a bracelet issue.
above the top shelf! more bracelets, some long necklaces, and some things i just love.
(including a photo of my nana and pop pop)
i got the mug racks from di for 99 cents each. and i HAD to make them match everything else...
the hanging things were there before and i left them there.
so there you go-
this was taken from the floor of my closet looking up.
(scavenger hunt for bonus points...who can find all 5 aunt peg's items that are in view?-i havemore but they are in the jewerly boxes)


Jane @ Going Jane said...

Woo hoo! Awesome job! :)

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