nate's new tie

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 |
it all started with me innocently buying a tie for nate at kohls. it was a christmas clip on tie, but it was like $1, so i got it.
the next thing i know, he wants to wear it to church.
with a striped golf shirt.
in july.
he gets his fashion sense from his daddy!
the next time i hit d.i. (a local chain of thrift stores),
i found this men's tie for $2.
the little man on it is a stripling warrior (don't know that story? check it out here)

first, i had chris tie it around nate's neck to see where i had to cut it off at.
then i seam ripped the tie to expose the 'guts'.
i had to make the 'guts' skinnier since the tie had to be skinny for nate's neck.

then i cut the tie shorter and just eye balled how skinny to make it.
then i realized that i couldn't just sewing machine this shut. DARN!
i hand stitched it closed and told nate that every stitch was me saying 'i love you' to him.
(he bought it)
the final product!
this little shirt was also from d.i.-a whole $2!
 i think he looks very sharp!

and a special thank you to steve sokol for re-tieing the tie saturday night for me! (chris was out of town and i don't know how to tie ties!)




Dee said...

There is NOTHING cuter than a little boy in a tie. Even if it is a Christmas tie/stripe combo!

Andi @ Jane of all crafts said...

Very handsome! I love that he actually wants to wear one, too cute!

Jessica Sorensen said...

I will have to remember this when my little guy is old enough for a tie.

JaNae said...

Check out Elle Apparel, she has a tutorial (or will) on making a tie thinner...for more ideas and tips to use with future projects.

Anne Maskell said...

Your son looks very handsome in his new tie! I always had to laugh when my kids made their own fashion choices. You never know what they would come up with!

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