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Wednesday, September 29, 2010 |
i got asked to be in charge of the new moms and babies in my ward (neighborhood). part of my job is to get inexpensive gifts for the new babies.
i found this cute idea on support blog for moms of boys. check out the original design here.
now, here is mine and the few things i did differently.
the first thing i did was change the eyes. since we were giving these to newborns, i didn't want any choking hazards. they had buttons but i switched mine to 2 fabric circles for eyes.
i sewed back and forth over the 2 circles a million times, kinda sloppy in a cool way. 
and the jeans material...old jeans from my kids! FREE BABY!
yes, that is guitar hero ribbon! this one is for sure for a boy!

and here is 3 of my creations. i have to make some girl ones here soon, i think with some flowery fabric and some cute ric-rak hair.
makes you wish you were pregnant. doesnt it?!

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PVDela said...

What cute little monsters!! I love them.

I made a pattern for a super easy teddy bear and bunny that you might like as well as one for an elephant that I'd be happy to give you if you'd like. I give the new moms flannel receiving blankets that are one yard square, you can do two layered with a little top stitching around the edge or one layered with binding, super easy and JoAnn's has their flannel on sale on Black Friday for $1.50 a yard, so it's cheap two.

Ginger said...

They're so cute! Thanks for featuring me! I'll be snagging your button for my sidebar! Hope you visit again soon!


Kristy said...

Great idea!

Ginger said...

Just awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award! Head on over and check it out!


Staci said...

They are stinkin cute - in a good way, but I'll be honest - nothing makes me want to be pregnant...

Kim said...

In answer to your last question, no! These are really cute. It's nice that you take the time to make something for your neighbors. I like your new blog format.

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