time to switch my purse...(aka, more mid life crisis shopping)

Monday, September 20, 2010 |
some of you might remember when i was hitting my mid life crisis and bought this amazing bag! i still love it but with me needing to change to fall (not so much because of the weather as because i'm sick of summer), i put her away for awhile.
sad. she is so pretty.
but thankfully, i have my crazy aunt trish (who thought id be sad seeing both of my kids in school all day and sent me $50 kohls gift card!) who came to my rescue!
so i got this new bag...

i love giraffe prints! ($9.99 plus another 15% off!)
and (among other things) i got a pair of shoes.
well, sandals really. i got the ones on the left 2 1/2 years ago at kohls. they are my 'go to shoes' and even with a little heel, they are so comfy!
i got replacement 'go to shoes' on the right! same company (mootsies tootsies), same size, but a newer version.
im pretty happy with them for many reasons, but here is a big one...
that is right baby! $8.99 plus another 15% off!
and, yes all my shoes are in boxes (if they came in boxes)

the ones that aren't in boxes are only because they didn't come in boxes. i love my shoes boxes!
yes, i know im sick.


Debbie said...

Cute bags both of them....I am sick of summer too!

Staci said...

Before I married my man, I used to keep all of my shoes in their boxes too! Except I upped the sickness - I wrapped all of the boxes in contact paper, took a photo of the shoes, and put the photo on the end of the box. Very Martha of me- no? My hubby just could not see the sense in photoing my shoes. Honestly - I kind of miss it.

Hushgirl said...

I keep all my shoes in their boxes too! If they don't have boxes, I use those clear plastic ones that cost $1 or so. (Sometimes you can find them at the Dollar store)

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