my halloween tree

Friday, September 17, 2010 |
i found this dead tree in an empty lot last fall. because as well all know, empty lots are free for anyone to dump on.
(i hate when people do that)
i might do things differently this year, but here is how it went down in 2009....
i spray painted the tree black, then filled an old bucket with styrofoam (we had a new tv, so it was perfect timing!) and then plaster of paris.
this was the problem...
one of many.
the tree was so brittle (it was DEAD! hello!) it broke easily.
then the bucket, even with much styrofoam, was freakin' heavy!
but...once chris got it inside, i made it look awesome!
(but still broke if you breathed near by)
some spiderwebs and black crows
(from the $1 store-not the group!)
it looked fantastic in the entry way until halloween night. then poor chris had to drag it outside...
you cant tell but i have orange halloween lights on the pillars. they look great at night.
my friend jen and i made this skeleton a few years ago. and one of the kids made the broom.
so there you have it-LAST years decorations.
 im hoping to figure out an easier way to make a spooky tree for this year.
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Staci said...

I <3 that skeleton! Is that pvc pipe?! It's got a Legoland feel to it.

Polly said...

You're so festive! I used to love those cobwebs as a kid!

Megan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog a while ago...trying to catch up. Just read through several of your posts and I love your blog. Love the variety.

Anny said...

This is so awesome, if I were a kid I'd be sure you'd have the good candy!

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