burlap-a girl's best friend!

Monday, January 11, 2010 |

i got this cork board this past summer out of someone's trash! (yes-i am that type of person. but it was on the top-not hiding under gross food and diapers! it was ASKING to be saved from the landfill!) there is/was absolutely nothing wrong with it except it was boring. the person who was throwing this away had no imagination!
the first thing i did was mask off the cork and paint the frame black. i wasn't sure what fabric i was going to use on this for along time. like 4 months.
then the burlap revolution hit! i swear everywhere i looked-there was a new burlap project! here was my favorite (ok-it was a project i did! but still one of my favorites!).
i found this cool ribbon at dumb old walmart, and just hot-glued it on. i boogered up one corner and that is why the flu-de-lis on on here. but i think it adds something. so maybe i shouldn't tell people why...
so my love affair with burlap is still on. so is my love of people who don't see potential in their trash! KEEP IT COMING!


tinahead81 said...

so cute!!

Rosemary said...

Nice to meet you!!
I love burlap!! I use it a lot lately.
Chat soon,

Summer Miller said...

wow. Nice....and you had time to come rescue my kids from the hospital too. You are amazing.

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