won't you be mine?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010 |

to answer your questions...
yes-i am onto valentine's day. i need some decorations up!
no-i didn't come up with this all by myself. tina
did this really cute one and has all of her instructions on how she did it. hers is really cute and simple and super fast! (she realized that you could make this a no-sew project! but why make it THAT easy!)
of course, i am never one to do things the EASY way, i changed it up just a bit. i used bias tape (extra wide, double folded) because then i didn't have to iron. and i used 2 pieces of burlap (one square, one triangle) because my stamped letters didn't seem big enough on the triangle one alone.
and finally no i don't plan on leaving this on the floor, it was just easier to take a photo because the sun is coming thru the window and i cant wait for 5pm when it goes away.
so...won't you be mine?


tinahead81 said...

super cute!!! great job!! thanks for the linky love too! :o)

Bonnie @ House of Grace said...

I really like your site. Thank you so much for entering the Get Clean Giveaway on the Thick Decor Chick blog. I am sorry that you did not win. If you have any questions about my products please fell free to call me at 630-262-1007 or go to my website DonahueWellness.MyShaklee.com.

fawnda said...

I love the berlap! So cute! I also love easy so this is a perfect project for me!

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