linda's secret chili recipe

Monday, January 4, 2010 |
my in laws are awesome.
they go to baseball, soccer, football and basketball games of all their grand kids.
they show up at all school programs and (pre) school graduations.
they babysit.
it is almost like they live for their kids and grand kids!

here is a photo of my in laws at nate's kindergarten graduation this past year.
nate is pointing out his fantastic starfish.
i never had chili much growing up.
it was cold in philly, but that wasn't one of the things my mom ever made.
and guess what?! chili is pretty good!
my mother in law makes the best chili, so one day i copied her recipe down so i could make it at home.
i was expecting it to take hours.
i was expecting it to be a pain to make.
i was wrong.

1 envelope of chili seasoning
1 lb ground beef-cooked
2 cans stewed tomatoes
3 cans kidney beans
cook for ½ hour
eat with corn bread


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