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Saturday, January 9, 2010 |

did you ever start a craft project, sure of what you were doing. then BAM! it doesn't.
well, this was originally going to be a display of photos of chris and my grand and great grandparents.
parker (why do i even ask a 9 year old for his opinion?) veto-ed the idea when he told me that looking at wedding photos doesn't really say 'love' to him. i pity the girl who marries him.
i still want to do something with their photos, just maybe not today. maybe just other frames. suggestions?
ALL the frames here are from savers or d.i.. i primed and painted all of them cream then sanded them all old-fashiony like. the music paper IS NOT from parker's piano books (although i'm certain he would offer it so he wouldn't have to practice) but from d.i.. there was a whole book for $1. i have no idea what music it is for, but it works.
the letters are from the cut out machine at my kids school. i just bring my own paper and punch them out. volunteering at school so much has its privileges!
this isn't the final resting place for these. the plan is to put them on the island in the kitchen, but i have alot going on on there right now. but soon...


Summer Miller said...

These look amazing!!! I'm so proud to know you!!

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