spring where art thou??

Friday, January 29, 2010 |
i love aprons. i have a bunch. i actually have more than a bunch.

i should say had.

some have broken beyond repair. mostly the straps breaking in the wash.

makes me so mad...

of course the obama one that i got as a joke from my sister in law from christmas in 2008 is still in working order. and i am so low on aprons, i use it all the time.

so i decided to make my very first apron and mrs. lane from dallastown high school in good old york pa would be so proud! i have never done darts or bias tape before-so there were somethings to learn. but i felt pretty good about myself reading and understanding the instructions. and even though it was one of those 'easy' patterns, it took me 2 afternoons to finish.

and as my handsome model shows, it is a nice girly, springy print. i love me some pink in this house full of boys!

(what you can't tell in the second photo is that my model nate is laughing because he realized the bow is down by his butt. to a 6 year old boy, the word 'butt' is the greatest word ever muttered by man.)

i felt so good about this one, that i am making a second one! a different view on the same pattern. and i was thinking about making it for a friend for her birthday, but i might end up just keeping it.


Pettey Family said...

I totally made an apron just like that, or I should say that my mother helped me make it. But we got lazy at the end and decided not to use velcro, so we just tied the strings at the top. Soo, cute.

the thrifty ba said...

if it makes you fell better, it turns out my chest is a little too big for this! im so bummed.

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