scary savings!

Friday, January 8, 2010 |

i originally went to d.i. for frames (another project that i am in the middle of. i will hopefully will be posting that soon. ) and found this just sitting out on a shelf! i think i hurt my back making such a fast swift move to grab it before anyone else realized what it was.
so worth the pain.
no lie-tags from taget still on this lovely! (originally $20-WAAAYYYY too much for our budget!). it was even from this past halloween, so i have no idea what this person was thinking. when i showed it to nate, he even remembered seeing it at target. i think mostly because he could imagine opening each box and getting a piece of candy out.

so in case you cant see the tag...$2! so 90% off the original! makes you wonder what the freak people are thinking...


Kristin and Steve said...

You should start an E-bay store or sell thigns you get cheap on KSL and make some money. Wouldn't Chris be happy then!

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