happy birthday megan ann!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010 |

my beautiful niece megan will be 10 thursday. this is painful since i was IN THE ROOM WHEN SHE WAS BORN! where did 10 years go?
being that we spent a ton of money on christmas AND 13 birthdays in november, we are essentially broke.
so here is my crafty/thrifty birthday gift that i was told would be loved by any 10 year old!
from left to right...
the box on the end is a shadow box i got from the $1 store awhile back. i had already painted it but i hadn't put anything in it to make a shadow. so i threw some of this cute paper on the inside to make a little jewelry box.
nest is a tiny notebook that i covered in co-ordinating paper. with a little ribbon around it.
then the letter 'M' i got from roberts (with a 50% off coupon making it $1.50!). i love initials.
and finally a little photo holder. now she might not want the photo of my boys in it, but i wanted to demonstrate what it was. i got the little block from d.i. (local thrift store) for 25 cents. someone had made a bunch of them with letters on the. i didn't care about the letters but i did care that they sanded the 2x4 that this was cut from so nicely! totally worth a quarter! well, i actually bought them out of the little blocks, so it ended up costing $2, but still worth it!
i think she will love this and i cant wait until friday to give this to her.


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