Wednesday, January 6, 2010 |
i LOVE saving money.
so i decided to have a whole blog just for posting all my thrifty deals. that way, i can prove to chris that i am saving him so much money, and not just spending it because i am bored.
i am going to blog about where i shop and how i save. sometimes (well, mostly) it will be coupons. sometimes, it will be free samples on the internet. and i might just post some crafty-ness that i do around the house to save chris even more money.
and yes, it is mostly about him.
at least, that is what i tell him.
so stay tuned for some money saving ideas! and if you have deals you want to share-let me know! i will give you full credit!

(pppssssttt...it is really about me!)


The Selleneits said...

I love it BA good Idea i am glad you have the time to show us all your super cute ideas and deals. You go girl I love

Carrie said...

Now THAT is a cute first post! Thanks for linking it up to the "First Post Linky Party" on Making Lemonade. I've always loved your blog so it's just another great excuse for me to browse around on here a little more!

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