the hot ba! (courtsey of savers in midvale)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010 |

as most of you know-i lost 23 lbs. now nothing fits. in a good way!
this is a cute spring (i know-a long way off) skirt from the limited. not only was it $5.99 (well, actually $4.91 with my savers discount) but it is also a size SMALL! woo hoo! wont this look adorable with a light blue-ish t-shirt or a cardigan?
you cant see it well here, but this is actually light pink and black. this gap skirt was $6.99 ($5.61), and it is lined. so i guess that is why it is more than the limited one.

and this STEAL is a navy blue twin set-both pieces for $7.99 ($6.41) and i cant find a snag or anything wrong with it!
as with all clothing i get at a thrift store, i wash it before wearing it or even putting it in my closet. i always drop off clean stuff, but not everyone is ba.
oh yea-those are my skinny jeans that i have on. those are from kohls, not from savers. but man i look hot in them!


Kristin and Steve said...

I just love when the ladies are happy about the way they look. Any you do look Hotcha! I just need to get myself to the Mac Counter. Missy suggested it too.

tinahead81 said...

first, congrats on teh weight loss!! second...i looove your finds!! you look great in everything!!

thanks for stopping by today!!

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