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Thursday, January 14, 2010 |

there are a few birthday party 'rules' in our home.

1. both parties must be on the same day (the boy's birthday are 11 days apart). i do nate's in the morning and parker's in the afternoon.

2. they need to have the same theme.

3. we go out to dinner when the day is done.

this year, parker came up with the lego theme. it is hard to tell, but the banner is lego-y. the spacers in it are rectangles with circles on them to look just like a lego. (you can kind of tell with the green middle one) the letters i cut out (with my paper) at my kids school with their letter making machine.
i got some felt and made lego bags as goodie bags. (also kind of hard to see the spots on the bags. i ended up useing fabric glue for the spots and it worked like a charm!) inside we put these hard lego candies (think cheap tasting sweettarts), lego coloring pages (6 year old guests), lego comic books (free from walmart when you go to their 'lego building days'-big boys only), lego stickers and lego bubble gum (which, by the way, is AWEFUL). i love hand making goodie bags-i guess because i have boys and it is almost a girly thing.
for games we played (younger kids) pin the spot on the lego. the big kids played the lego construction game that i picked up at the local thrift store. i totally scored on that one and i was a big hit with 9 year old boys.
and yes-that is our front door with a ginormous craft paper lego on it. some kids were new to our home and we wanted to make sure they knew what house it was from the road (it ended up snowing that day). we used a coffee sized can to make those spots.
and for thank you cards...can you think of anything cooler? in fact, i used that for all of my kids thank you notes this year. and for those of you who wonder why the giant red and white 'U' for 'you'. well we are u of u fans and some of our friends are byu fans.
it entertained us.


Kimmy C said...

Adorable! I'm sure the boys had a blast. I always shared a party with my younger sister as our birthdays are 1 day apart!

Thanks for linking up at What are little boys made of? Weekly Round-Up!


Summer Miller said...

It was a fun party. You did such a great job with all the decor. I will have to copy you, but then, don't I always :)

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