happy birthday gram!

Saturday, January 23, 2010 |
i am sure you are thinking...uummm lovely shirts ba. and who wouldn't?
and what does that have to do with gram and her birthday.
let me explain...
today is 'grams' birthday. my friend holly's mom moved in next door to her years ago. when that happened, holly's daughter (britney) referred to her grandma as 'gram''.
then everyother kid in the neighborhood did.
now we all referred to her as 'gram'.
that was way too long of a story for anyone to care about...
and you are still wondering about the shirts, aren't you?!
well, a few months ago i was on ruffles and stuff and found THIS
ok-hers was cuter for us cute young (no comments about age people!) girls. but this one is PERFECT for gram. she is all about blue. that is just gram-blue. not sad, just if you see something blue, you think of her.
i bet now you are thinking, ba, there is writing all over the dark blue shirt. and it isn't on the scarf at all. I KNOW. let me tell you, 2 womens large shirts from savers are more than enough for this project! i had to wrap that thing around my neck 3 or 4 times! i even threw some squares away.
anyways, i am only posting this because i dropped it off at grams home last night (she visiting family in idaho), and she will find the scarf before she checks her emails/favorite blogs. so i feel pretty safe in posting this.


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