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Wednesday, May 19, 2010 |
sharon from keen inspirations just gave me an award!
you like me- you really like me!

so here are 7 facts about me. and i know you all are just excited to read them!

1. i coach an undefeated baseball team. ( ok, they are 5-6 year olds, if they swing 3 times at the ball and dont hit it-they can use the 'T', and there isnt score keeping. but hey-im coaching!)

2. although i am proud to be a 'big cityeast coast girl' (philadelphia), i realized recently that i lived 21 1/2 years on the east coast. and 17 1/2 years in utah. what will i do in 4 years?

3. im italian. well, if you read any 3 of my posts, you will figure othat one out!

4. i like the 'idea' of the out doors. but really, the only thing they are good for is getting a tan. (told you im a big city, east coast girl!)

5. i use coupons and im not afraid to admit it. my kids eat pretty well on the little i spend!

6. i try to take a 30 minute nap eveyday. right now my sinuses are KILLING me, so i have been down a but more than that. and i also have a doctor who will call in an rx when i get a sinus infection without even seeing me. i love him.

7. i am the best mom ever. ask my kids. that is all they kept saying on monday.

im am sharing this award with bloggers who inspire me.
or just make me laugh...

1. life in the pitts heads craft more fun
3. tea rose home
4.mad in crafts
5. because i can
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7.oopsey daisy
8. noodlehead
10. toads treasures
11. craftaholics anonymous
12. one cheap b***h
13. tatertots and jello 
14. meet virginia
15. centsational girl
please note, most of these blogs i have copied a project from at some point.
so how could i not have them on my list!


One Cheap B*tch said...

Awwwwww thank you!!!!!! =)


Alison said...

Thank you SO much!! This makes my day! :)

Centsational Girl said...

Oh thank you thank you - that is too kind !

I accept !


Meet Virginia said...

No way!! Thank you so much for the award that is so sweet of you! I too coupon you are silly not to you save so much! Thanks again girl!!


Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!

linda said...

Aww shucks, Thanks! What a fab lineup, can't believe I made your list!! Thanks!!
take care,
Craftaholics Anonymous

RedHead said...

Woohoo!! Thanks SO much for the award!! You made me smile!

Have a great day!

Sachiko said...

Wow, thank you so much for the award, and thank you for coming over to my link parties!

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