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Sunday, May 23, 2010 |
my workout girlfriend**, alicia, is teaching some new music classes called let's play music. i wish i had a kid would could benefit from this-or even me! (although those who have heard me sing will tell you there isnt much hope)
here is alicia to tell you more about this new way to learn and love music!

I am excited to introduce you to Let’s Play Music!, an exciting new music curriculum which teaches advanced musical skills to young children using age-appropriate methods. Music educators have long taught that the young child learns best through play, experience and discovery.

This exciting curriculum will lead your child through very basic music introduction using singing and rudimentary instruments through a three year program. By graduation time, students are playing piano at an intermediate level, transposing music, composing their own music, reading music and prepared to excel in further piano instruction.

I am anxious to give you and your child (age 4-5) a special sneak preview Sample Class where you can observe your child as they participate and ask any questions you may have. I am positive that your experience will be enlightening, refreshing and FUN!

now if you want more info, feel free to contact alicia at awdansie@yahoo.com im sure she can answer your questions. she is nice like that.

so here we go-for local people only-sorry! but hey, if you want to come to the south west corner of the salt lake valley from georgia-feel free to enter! i will even make you a nice dinner after your class (the dinner for for non-locals only!). the winner will get one free sample class!
oh and you must be a follower to enter.
i just want to know your favorite 80s song. it is my favorite pop music decade!
mine-well it would be a toss up between 'i need you tonight' by inxs or 'love cats' from the cure.
i will pick a winner on wednesday at 8am, and you can enter until 7.59am!

**'workout girlfriend' means she has never seen me WITH make up on and doesnt know that i actually look pretty darn good once im in real clothes!
and yet, she is still willing to let me put her name out there on my blog!
brave girl!


Anonymous said...

"I get lost in your eyes" by Debby Gibson... Funny choice, I know, but it is a mock love song for Scott and me... :)
By the way, I really want to win (by the way--is the win a "sample class"? I think Aidan would do wonderful in something like this.

Me. Brittany. you know my email.

Aunt Peg said...

Oh, this is a great freebie! I wish I still had little ones (wait, no I don't) to share this with...good luck to all the people who enter!
I hate all music from the 80"s. Well not really, but I can't think of a single song right now, so I am claiming an intense dislike instead of admitting the truth-I'm too old!

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