my top four favorite things are used in this craft!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 |

since i have already sent this, i feel ok about showing this card here. it is the card i made for my aunt trish. you saw her necklace earlier this week. (thank you craftaholics anonymous)
this isnt a kit, but one of those 'here is the bones for whatever amazing project you can come up with' things.  this one is called 'lace up journal' by kaiser scrapbooking. i got a KILLER deal on it back here. and with mothers day around the corner, i thought it was time i used it.
i modge podged (1st favorite thing) these with some old music paper i had. my aunt doesnt play music or anything, but it looked good.
then i used my big bite (2nd favorite thing) that i got myself for my birthday to re-punch holes. i usually do one side, punch, do the other side. i know-that means i punch each hole two times but it is just hard to find the holes when both sides are covered.

then came out the cricut (3rd favorite) to cut out words, shapes...all that stuff. i modge podged the stuff i cut out to the paper. i know tape would work but i love the modge podge.
and finally i put photos of my sweet boys (4th favorite thing-as you can tell, these arent in order!). i used modge podge as a gule on the back. but not the front.
and here is the finished project! im loving it and i know my aunt will too!

(sorry for all the links! it wasnt until i was done did i realize how much i was linking all over!)


Stacey said...

So cute! I totally need to get a cricut!

Rebekah said...

That is super cute!

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