guess what im up to?!

Saturday, May 8, 2010 |
oh i hate when people ask me that.
just tell me already!
im doing a blog swap on thursday for country chic cottage!
i havent been doing this blog for very long, but i have learned so much since i started back in january. and here is my question to you my favorite people in the blog-world...
what should i write about? i mean, angie does a fan-tablous job at the ccc. these jars i have been meaning to try, but you know...
and remember my post about what not to do with eggs? well, somehow she wrapped eggs in fuzzy yarn and they DIDNT end up looking like hair balls.
she is very talented.
so with all of her talent...what should i write about? do you have a favorite post?
or should i just blog about how amazing it is to be me?
maybe a favorite post...


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